Status update from the dream-pursuant

31 Dec

My feet hurt so bad that they itch. I’m losing weight, but eating better than I ever have before. I’m spending more money than I’ve ever wanted to, yet I go to sleep every night feeling rich. I’m following my dreams, and still I feel closer to God.

Maybe all of these things don’t make sense combined, but that’s exactly what’s has been happening. Since my last update, many of you have been sending me emails and tweets to see what has been happening. Well, here is your update. Thanks for asking. 🙂

I’m working 6 days a week now at Taste restaurant in Trotwood, Ohio (always looking forward to a day off). Some days I work from open to close in the front of the house as a waiter, others I work in the back of the house as a food preparation cook, and other times I help out behind the bar. There are even a few hours a week that I spend working on the company website and online marketing. Oh, and I sing on Thursdays. Maybe you could just say it do a little bit of it all.
I feel great, though. I’m living out my dream to work in a restaurant, and everything that could benefit from that decision, is. I’m paying off debts, moving into my own home, eating healthier, getting into shape, meeting great people and getting fantastic experiences that will only continue to help me in the future.

So there’s the quick update, but I’ll share more soon. For now, I need to take the opportunity to go to sleep. Life continues tomorrow!


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